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Free Classes & Workshops at Southern PA Clay..

- Starting in 2024, SPAC will offer free classes or workshops, occasionally, to the public. We understand that not everyone can afford our classes no matter how affordable they may be! For some people or families, any amount of money is too much, and we want to offer courses to those

people specifically! Once per month, we will

offer either a youth class, or a demonstration

workshop to the public that is paid for by

donation only! For these classes/workshops,

we will require a free registration in order to

participate. During the class we will keep our

shop open to the public for curious passers-by.

At the conclusion of class, those who are able and can afford to do so, are welcome to donate to SPAC. And that is that!

- If what we offer is a class to the public, this will be a hands-on experience! Participants will be led through the construction of a clay piece on the pottery wheel by a SPAC instructor. The piece will then be decorated by participants and then a finishing glaze will be chosen! Once completed, the piece is then returned to you!





If what we offer is a workshop to the public, this will be an observation-only experience! Participants will observe as an artist (from either SPAC or a visiting artist) creates a variety of pieces using wheel throwing and/or hand building techniques!







As our hope is to one day be a non-profit organization, we want our identity to lean towards giving back to the community in these very ways! Please stay tuned for early next year's postings involving these classes and exciting workshops!

Three women make clay pots on the pottery wheel.
A blue stoneware bowl with dark blue drips running down the inside and outside.
A tall, navy blue glazed stoneware mug.
An earthen green colored creamer for pouring milk during coffee service.
Six people focus as they try to finish their work on the pottery wheel.
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