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7 People enjoy themselves while making pottery on the pottery wheel.

Classes & Workshops

Primarily an educational institution, SPAC will be a central location for artistic education and expression in this region. SPAC staff members have the experience, knowledge, and skill to instruct in the many areas within ceramics. We can successfully teach children as young as 5, pre-teens, teenagers, and adults!

SPAC currently offers classes at our 2nd location in downtown Gettysburg, Pennsylvania! Please view our current and future offerings below...

We offer classes to tweens ages 10-13!

A black and white aerial photograph of hands shaping clay on a pottery wheel.
A young girl focuses on the final finishing touches to decorate a stoneware pot.
A young boy shaping clay on a pottery wheel.

We offer classes to children ages 5-9!

A cropped and blurry photo of a potter shaping a piece of clay at the pottery wheel.
Man in Clay Workshop
Three children shape clay pieces on the pottery wheel.

We offer classes to teenagers ages 14-17!

A potter cuts clay away from a pot as it turns on a pottery wheel.

Our class options range in length!


          -1 Time (2 Hour, 1 Day)

          -1 Week Intensive (40 Hour, 5 Days, 8 Hours/Day)

          -4 Week (2.5 Hours/Week)

          -7 Week (2.5 Hours/Week)

          -12 Month Casual (6 Hours/Month)

          -12 Month Intensive (4 Hours/Week)



Our classes are taught at all times of day, and can land on any day of the week!

SPAC can teach groups as small as one person, all the way up to 12 people or more for some classes!

A list of potential classes coming your way from us at Southern PA Clay:



Beginning Wheel - 7 Week

Intermediate Wheel - 7 Week

Advanced Wheel - 7 Week

Spouts, Handles, Lids, Knobs, and Lugs - 7 Week

Pouring Pots - 7 Week

Garden Pottery - 7 Week

Kitchen Pottery - 7 Week

Throwing Large Forms - 40 Hour/5 Day

Containers - 7 Week

Throwing Sets - 7 Week

Repetitious Throwing - 7 Week

Loose and Tight Trimming - 7 Week

Class for Drinkers - 7 Week

Throwing Bootcamp - 40 Hour/5 Day

Composite Throwing - 7 Week


Introduction to Building - 7 Week

Composite Building - 7 Week

Teapots - 7 Week


Beginning Handbuilding - 7 Week

Intermediate Handbuilding - 7 Week

Advanced Handbuilding - 7 Week

Pinching Class - 7 Week

Coiling Class - 7 Week

Large Scale Handbuilding - 7 Week

Beginning Figure Sculpture - 7 Week

Intermediate Figure Sculpture - 7 Week

Composite Handbuilding - 7 Week

Handbuilt Dinnerware - 7 Week

Jewelry - 7 Week

Object Modeling - 7 Week

Carving and Cutting - 7 Week


Introduction to Ceramics - 7 Week

Glaze Formulation - 7 Week

Glaze Application - 7 Week

Prospecting Wild Clay - 7 Week

Slipcasting & Plaster - 4 Week

Make Your Own Pottery Tools - 7 Week

Two women pose and smile at their pottery wheels.
A group of 7 people shaping clay at the pottery wheel.
A side profile of 4 women shaping pieces of clay at the pottery wheel.
A young man and woman smile as they shape clay on their pottery wheels.
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