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The corner of a pottery studio including tables, shelves, and cabinets.

Studio Services..

While we enjoy helping and supporting members of the community, we also enjoy helping those members of the clay community as well! For this reason, there are a number of services that we provide to help out! Contact SPAC directly to arrange any of these services!


Be sure to check out our services below!

A shiny new pottery kiln used for firing ceramic wares.


Kilns and electricity are expensive! That is why SPAC offers their kilns to the public. Contact SPAC directly to arrange firing services! Contact info above. You can also check our 'KilnShare' here: (search near Gettysburg PA)

A pottery glaze sieve on top of a five gallon bucket.


At SPAC, we have more than a decade of experience in the creation of ceramic artwork, more than a decade in experience teaching ceramics and fine art, and we have more than a decade of experience managing, setting up, and outfitting ceramics and fine art facilities. We love answering questions! But if you are looking for something more substantial, please reach out to us so that we may arrange it!

Dozens of small containers containing test batches of new glazes.


SPAC mixes all of their own glazes. We have  more than 10 years of experience mixing glazes. Whether you're looking for just the dry mixing, wet mixing, or chemical sourcing, we've got you covered. Contact SPAC directly for information or to arrange mixing services! Contact info above.

Seven pottery wheels in an empty studio.


We teach private lessons at SPAC to all age groups and skill levels. Please reach out if you're interested in private instruction! If you would prefer to have lessons taught to you in private at your home, this can also be arranged! For more information, please contact SPAC directly! Contact info above.

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