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Becoming a member at Southern PA Clay comes with many perks! First and foremost, it introduces you to a small (but growing) community of artists! We currently have several members at the studio, and we have the space to bring on several more! From beginner to advanced, and from casual maker to business owner, there is another small community of makers right in downtown Gettysburg! Having just one more creative outlet at your fingertips will surely encourage your own artistic growth! We encourage you to stop by the studio for the entire picture. You can also email or call us! Check out some more info below...





The cost of membership is $30.00 per month.

Studio clay is purchased from SPAC for $1.00 per pound.

**There is an additional fee if a member wants to bring their own clay. Reach out or stop in the shop for more info!

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As a member, the studio is open to your use any time during business hours. (Check the 'Contact' page for business hours) Business hours do change from time to time. During class times, SPAC is closed to the public, but open to members. There is a semi-private area with a pottery wheel and an area for handbuilding in the back, away from these classes.



Glaze and firing is free for up to 15 small/medium items per month if you purchase your clay from SPAC. After 15, you must pay for each item fired.

If you bring your own clay, firing is not included and you must pay for each item fired.

It is a relaxed style atmosphere with no pressure, zero judgement, minimal stress, and maximum joke-telling. Its even BYOB!

Prior experience is required for a membership, but a prior class at SPAC is not required for membership.

For more details, contact SPAC directly.

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SPAC mixes all of their own glazes. All of these glazes are open and available for use by members. In some scenarios, glaze and firing are both included in membership! In some scenarios they are not. We also have low fire glazes, glaze modifiers, and underglazes for use by members! For more details, contact SPAC directly.



As a member, enjoy discounts on retail purchases. Members receive 10% off for purchases in our Southern PA Clay retail shop. Members also receive 10% off of the cost of classes. As a member in an atmosphere such as the one at SPAC, there is always a class going on or instruction taking place. There are countless scenarios involving teaching, educating, or critiquing. While one cannot expect free private lessons, you can expect a generous amount of assistance and discussion.

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As a member, one can partake in the countless and endless tasks and jobs required to make a ceramics studio breathe. While you do not have to perform labor, you can get an inside look at those tricky tasks that require skill or expertise to perform.

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