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Welcome to our Online Catalog !

A blue/green colored spigot water jug.
A bright orange stoneware citrus juicer.
An aqua/turquoise glaze colored stoneware mug.

This Online Catalog is under Construction! This enormous undertaking is being whittled away at slowly! With 450+ unique items, and customizations into the tens of millions, this is a lengthy process, and we appreciate your patience! As each of our 24 Catalog Sections is completed, it will be "unveiled" and made available for you to browse through! If you would like to purchase something, please visit our brick & mortar store at 102 Chambersburg Street, Gettysburg, PA! Feel free to call us at 302.606.2436 to arrange a meetup or to request something custom!

We do things a little differently here at SPAC. Our founder has a rich background in education and non-profit efforts. Because of this, we understand that any product we provide should be offered at the most affordable price possible. Embracing this concept allows our work to be owned and used by many families and homes that may not be able to afford so otherwise. We believe everyone deserves handmade pots in their home, not just those with a lot of extra cash. We hope that we can earn your trust, so that our our pots are the ones you want in your home!