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This Online Catalog is under Construction! This enormous undertaking is being whittled away at slowly! With 450+ unique items, and customizations into the tens of millions, this is a lengthy process, and we appreciate your patience! As each of our 24 Catalog Sections is completed, it will be "unveiled" and made available for you to browse through! If you would like to purchase something, please visit our brick & mortar store at 102 Chambersburg Street, Gettysburg, PA! Feel free to call us at 302.606.2436 to arrange a meetup or to request something custom!

We at Southern Pennsylvania Clay have a lot of years in the ceramics industry! We have the space, time, and staff to assist you with fulfilling even the largest orders. If you are interested in wholesale or consignment orders, please feel free to contact us directly! We have sold to customers/vendors as wholesalers as well as on consignment! In the same arena, we have also sold in bulk to different companies over the years.

There are certain discounts associated with large orders. Any of our SPAC Online Catalog items can be purchased in bulk, There may be some exceptions, but for the most part, our discounts associated with bulk orders are as follows:

              12 Purchased :  3% off.

              20 Purchased : 5% off.

              50 Purchased : 7% off.

              100 Purchased : 10% off.

              500 Purchased : 13% off.

              1000 Purchased : 16% off.

W h o l e s a l e   &   B u l k   O r d e r s 

A cluster of eleven different stoneware beer steins in various colors.

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