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Stovetop Tea Kettle

Stovetop Tea Kettle


SPAC’s Stovetop Tea Kettle is a wonderfully versatile piece of ceramic engineering! With this item, the chief difference between it and a regular teapot, is that this kettle can be heated directly on a stovetop! No more boiling water on the stove or in a tea kettle, then pouring it into a teapot to finish your steeping and serving. Simply combine everything together (teas, spices, sweeteners, water etc.), heat to your recommended steeping temperature either with a thermometer or just by look and feel, and serve directly out of the pot! What a wonderful configuration of aesthetics and functioning parts to create an effective whole! This piece comes with a detachable top metal or bamboo handle for ease of cleaning. It also comes with a lid loop, a device that keeps your lid closed while pouring without you having to touch it. It also comes with a lower handle, to pivot the kettle for pouring without having to touch it! The kettle itself without the handles or lid loop is dishwasher, microwave, oven and stovetop safe. None of the extra accessories should go into the microwave, dishwasher or oven. 


***Making durable, trustworthy, high quality, but most importantly: consistently durable, trustworthy and high quality flameware pots is a tricky science. We at SPAC take great pride in our work and in our ability to offer an extremely high quality product in our everyday items! When you introduce the possibility of a pot being put directly onto a fire or onto a hot stovetop without cracking or popping apart, things can change sort of abruptly. There is a high probability that any stoneware or porcelain piece of ceramics that you own, if put directly onto a stovetop set to “medium” it would crack and pop apart within the first 15 seconds. Here lies the predicament! To ensure each piece of flameware pottery that we make is strong and durable (ready to be used as flameware) before selling to the public, we give it the boil and ice water bath test. We get the piece hot on the stove at high heat, leave it for 5 minutes to ensure heat saturation, take it off the stove, and immediately submerge it into ice water. If it survives this test, it can be sold to the public! The idea is the extreme temperature swing of 400+ degrees dropping to 50-60 degrees in an instant, is worse case scenario. If it survives this, it will survive normal kitchen use. We must stress, however, do not be aggressive with your flameware pieces! When possible, only heat to 50-75% power (medium-medium/high heat). 


This piece is approximately 6”Wide x 7”Tall. Weighs approximately 5 pounds.


Because of the nature of flameware clay and its inherent expansion/contraction characteristics, this piece can only be made with a specially designed glaze formulated for such behaviors. The inside of this Tea Kettle will be glazed with a white liner. The outside can be left bare clay, or also glazed white.

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