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Southern Pennsylvania Clay is an every-person-inclusive art studio located in Gettysburg, PA. Founded in 2022 by Corey Shultz, Southern PA Clay has two locations. Our first location is a small studio/gallery right in the heart of the town of Gettysburg. This location (102 Chambersburg St., Gettysburg PA, 17325) is where we have begun our journey. There, we offer classes and shopping to the public! Our second location is on a historic 3-Acre farm immediately outside of downtown Gettysburg. The farm studio is the future site of 20-30 private studios for artists, 2 separate classrooms for both youth and adult classes, a 24/7 ceramics studio for members, a ceramic and ceramic material production facility, and 2-3 outdoor atmospheric kilns.



SPAC's mission is complex. We will offer a location for the artistic expression of all individuals. We will develop as a community of artists and creatives into positive thinkers, expressive instigators, and world problem solvers. We embrace cultural and personal differences because we realize what makes us all different is what makes us all stronger. Our community will prove that diversity is the only way forward. SPAC wants to share this space with, and invite to this space, all people, regardless of race, color, religion, gender, gender expression, age, national origin, disability, marital status, sexual orientation, political status, or military status.


Our community grows because of diversity.

our mission..

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what do we offer and what will we offer..

SPAC currently offers:

          -In-store shopping

          -Private and individual lessons

          -Short and long term clay classes to the public

          -Affordable kiln firing space

          -Studio membership

SPAC will soon offer:

          -An online catalog of made-to-order ceramics

          -24/7 open studio

          -Artist workshops

SPAC will offer in the future:

          -24/7 studio for drawing/painting/printmaking

          -Wood shop

          -Private studio space for rent

          -Outreach to the community

          -A gallery for exhibition


Southern PA. Clay was founded by Corey Shultz in 2022. Corey owns the property on which SPAC's main studio sits, with his partner Kelsey. If you visit the property, you will also meet their dog Pax, and two cats, Kittee and Doug. Besides establishing a community art center on their property, Corey and Kelsey also plan on converting their property into a homestead in an attempt at cleaner living. SPAC has a second studio location that is currently up and running as of May 2023! We currently offer classes and a retail area for shopping!

Corey received his BFA in Sculpture in December 2012 from Northern Kentucky University. Corey decided not to attend graduate school immediately after graduation, and instead surrounded himself with teaching. He has taught consistently from 2010 to current.

In 2017 he enrolled in graduate school and spent 4 years studying ceramics towards his MFA. 3 Classes short of receiving his MFA, he decided not to continue and left graduate school in May of 2021.

He is now solely committed to building this community art center and teaching creatively to the public.

For his complete curriculum vitae, please visit his personal website, linked below:

the founder..


SPAC's main focus of diversity is only possible through the outreach to the community it provides. Founder Corey Shultz has a rich background in education and non-profit/charitable work, and wishes to bring community classes to everyone, especially those people who struggle most to acquire it.

As SPAC begins as a small studio and grows into a large studio, it will soon become a central communal gathering location dedicated to teaching and offering creative classes and opportunities to folks in the community. Within this 5-10 year plan, many decisions have been made but the goal is clear: the community comes first.

Thank you for being you, and I am certain we will cross paths one day. Right now we have to build this dream one board and one nail, at a time!


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