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This Shiboridashi is SPAC’s take on the traditional Japanese vessel of the same name. Designed for a cooler steeping of high-end Japanese teas, we are here to tell you that this vessel can be used for any type of tea you wish! The idea with this Shiboridashi is a simple one. Take off the lid, pour warm-to-hot water into the pot. Leave for 10-15 seconds to preheat the teapot. Dump water out. Place your whole or coarse ground tea leaves in. FIll with warm-to-hot water again. Steep to your desired strength. Holding this pot in the palm of your hand, pour into a drinking vessel and enjoy. We recommend steeping with water that is not piping hot, due to the fact that this teapot is handleless and designed to be held in your hand. Potential ouchie! We offer the option to have the bottom double walled to insulate the piece, making it able to accept piping hot water, but this does not come standard. Be careful the first time you use this piece as you develop a ritual and usage that works for you. Microwave and Dishwasher Safe!


This piece is approximately 4”Wide (near rim) x 2.5”Tall. Weighs approximately 1 pound.


The different customizations are offered for optimal user comfort, and our full selection of glazes are at your disposal.

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